Why was my order cancelled?

If your order was unexpectedly cancelled, it is likely that our fraud filter flagged it as potentially fraudulent. If you are certain that this is not the case, please feel free to place your order again.

How do I wash wigs?

We recommend washing your wigs every 4 weeks for optimal maintenance. Use a sulfate-free shampoo when washing and avoid vigorous scrubbing. Instead, gently apply the shampoo or conditioner and carefully rinse out all the product. Always allow your wig or topper to air dry completely before styling or brushing.

How should I care for my wigs?

Before and after wearing your wigs or toppers, remember to brush them gently. Applying hair oil to the mid-ends of the hair is a great way to prevent dryness since the wigs do not receive the same natural oils as our own hair. Silicone Mix can be used as a deep conditioner every 3-4 washes to rejuvenate the hair.

How long can I use the wig?

With proper care, authentic human hair wigs can be used for up to 3 years.


Do you work with wholesalers?

Yes, we do. For B2B business inquiries, please email support@wigywigy.com. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 20 pieces. If needed, we can also assist you with packaging and labeling.