WigyWigy Story

You know that song 7 rings? It goes **I want it, I got it**. Well that's how I feel about hair. Bangs, curls, shine, sheen, that dark dark almost black, but still red hair. Purple highlights, pink tips, the possibilities and the variety are ENDLESS!

We know that people are wearing wigs for different reasons and people absolutely CAN wear wigs for their own reasons.

Eight years ago I'd just taken a new position that directly reported to the National Head of Sales for the largest German company. Word on the street was that he'd fired the last person because she wasn't professional enough. Of course, colorful hair probably wasn't going to cut it there.

You see the dilemma.

I love life, love every bit of it, from the highest highs to the bitter rinds. I'm not the person that blinks and lets my life flash by because of strict boss. At the same time, I sure as hell wasn't about throw away my career. So, I colored the inside layer of my hair blue and left the outside untouched. Every morning I would carefully pin it all together so all the little blue bits were hemmed and hidden from the outside. 

Yeah this was me!! I was super excited about the "inside layer only" color idea even the result didn't fully match my expectations. But you know what? Worth it!

colored hair in WigyWigy - the wig store working on my hair - WigyWigy - the wig store wigywigy - the wig storecovered - wigywigy - the wig store wigywigy - the wig store 
Definitely got me through those few years and it turn out that boss has become my strongest advocate and the best mentor someone could ask for. I appreciate every single business tip & advice he shared with me. Later on, I met my future husband while I was out with my hair up and that blue shining bright! It was a temporary solution until I found myself a wonderful little blue wig. Wigs changed my life. It was fun, it was easy, and not unlike Ariana - when I wanted it I got it.

Wigs are my passion and we love making you look great. WigyWigy was created as an offshoot of our wholesale wig business. Our partner has over 30+ years of hair industry experience and is one of the largest and most long-standing wig producers in the world. We know our stuff when it comes to comfortable, affordable, but dangerously stylish wigs. Together we started WigyWigy to share premium wigs that are designed to look great, feel great, and let you stretch those fun muscles (Also totally safe! I nearly got tinnitus coloring my hair too much).

No matter what if you are experiencing hair loss or just trying to add some variety to your daily look, you'll find your style here at WigyWigy!